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Saturday, July 23, 2016

WPD Officers receive awards

WPD Officers receive awards

At the City Council meeting on March 6, several Wilmington Police Officers were honored, both human and K-9.

WPD Officers Honored for Saving Lives
Four officers were presented the life saving award, for performing in the highest tradition of the Wilmington Police Department.

Here is the background of the two incidents in which they saved lives:
In November 2011, Sergeant Brian Pettus and Officer Adam Phillips were involved in an incident in which a man attempted to commit suicide by jumping from a tall building. Fortunately, when he tried to go over the railing, Sergeant Pettus and Officer Phillips grabbed him and pulled him to safety.

In December 2011, Sergeant Matthew Ingram and Sergeant Kenneth McMillan responded to a traffic crash in which the driver was trapped inside his vehicle. The victim’s foot was on the accelerator and he was unresponsive when the car caught on fire. Sergeants McMillan and Ingram were able to break out a window and pull the driver from the burning vehicle.

Watch the Officers receive their awards.

WPD Police Dog retires after many years of service
What happens when a police dog retires? They get a good home but no pension plan! At the Council meeting on March 6, Council voted to allow WPD police dog Deon to retire and transferred ownership from the city to long-time partner Corporal D M Pellegrino.

Deon has served on the WPD K-9 unit since 2004 and is 14 years old.

Watch the presentation and see Deon’s reaction to his retirement.

Find out more about the WPD.
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