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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Go green and recycle rain water!

Go green and recycle rain water!

Save money and help the environment

At left is a rain barrel hand painted by a city staffmember from Halyburton Park.


Over 700 gallons of water runs off an average-sized roof during a typical rainstorm. Since your roof can’t absorb rainwater, the water makes it to the ground and moves quickly thru the storm drainage system and into our creeks, but not before picking up pollutants such as fertilizer, pet waste, litter or motor oil from your yard or driveway.

How can a rain barrel help?
Rain barrels are simply containers positioned below gutter downspouts that collect and store rainwater from a roof. The collected water is used to irrigate the landscape and for other outdoor watering needs.

     Rain Barrel Benefits:

  • Reduce stormwater runoff leaving your property. 
    Rain barrels collect and store rainwater, thereby reducing the amount of runoff leaving your property and entering local creeks and waterways.
  • Conserve water during times of drought.
    Rain barrels help to conserve water during times of drought or water shortages. Using water from a rain barrel may be the only way to water your garden during a drought. 
  • Water your landscape chemical-free.
    Water that is collected in rain barrels is ideal for plants because it has no added chemicals and is warmer than well or tap water. Many rain barrels are designed with a spigot (or two) to attach a garden or soaker hose. 
  • Save $$$.
    Using a rain barrel (or two) can save you money on your water bill since you are using free rainwater to irrigate your landscape.

Click here for more information on city stormwater news and events, including how to purchase a rain barrel.

Learn more about the City of Wilmington's Stormwater Services.

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