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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Slurry Seal Street Preservation

Slurry Seal Street Preservation

Saves money and extends pavement life

The city’s Streets division is extending the life of residential roadways and saving money at the same time. Slurry seal resurfacing has been added to the city’s pavement maintenance/pavement preservation program.

Slurry seal is a textured, skid resistant, substance similar to asphalt. When applied to residential roadway surfaces, it can extend the service life of the pavement five to eight years depending on traffic volume. It is one of the most cost-effective methods of pavement preservation.


The slurry seal fills cracks and worn areas, significantly extending the life of the existing residential roadways by protecting the under-surface from damage caused by water seepage. Using slurry in conjunction with a crack seal program provides the most cost-effective method of preventing premature aging.

Each year, the city will survey residential roadways to determine the best candidates for the slurry seal application. By undertaking a slurry program of planned pavement maintenance / pavement preservation, more streets can receive pavement treatment.

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