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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Greenfield Lake fish cleanup

Greenfield Lake fish cleanup

The city has begun taking steps to counteract the effects of the heat that are causing some fish to die at Greenfield Lake. The combined high temperatures and small amounts of rainfall have resulted in depleted oxygen levels at the lake, which causes the fish to die.

This weekend, crews installed a small fountain near the paddleboat area to help restore oxygen to the water in this area. The fountain will remain in the lake through the hottest part of the summer. (State stormwater regulations do not allow fountains in the lake unless it is an emergency.)

Monday, crews sprayed water into the lake in another effort to put more oxygen back into the water and continued to clean up dead fish that have been sited in several areas. Stormwater officials say that while the cooler temperatures expected later this week will help slow the rate of oxygen depletion, the only thing that will put oxygen back into the water quickly is significant rainfall.
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