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Friday, July 1, 2016

SafeLight saves lives, lowers costs

SafeLight saves lives, lowers costs


A new study by John Dunham & Associates shows that Wilmington’s SafeLight program is saving lives and lowering costs with its red light safety cameras. When a motorist runs a red light, the camera records the date, time, speed of the vehicle, the time elapsed since the beginning of the red signal, and a photo showing the violation.

The SafeLight Program's goal is to decrease the number of motorists who run red lights and the crashes they cause.

One red-light safety camera at one intersection in Wilmington is estimated to save the city and its residents $103,189 in the first year and $467,540 over five years. On average, one red-light safety camera saves Wilmington and its residents $93,508 a year.

See the study commissioned by American Traffic Solutions.

Read more about Wilmington's SafeLight program.

See what happens if you run a red light.
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