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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Highlights from City Council work session

Highlights from City Council work session

Monday, October 1

At this morning’s monthly work session that followed the agenda briefing, Council discussed several items. Here are highlights from the two key issues:

Internet Sweepstakes
City Council heard recommended procedures for how to handle appeals from some internet sweepstakes businesses; several businesses have appealed for exceptions to the city’s zoning restrictions after a two-year amnesty period that ended in August, 2012. The restrictions outline hours of operation, where these types of businesses can be located and how many of them can be operated in one area. The restrictions were put in place because the city was facing a proliferation of sweepstakes machine businesses after the state began allowing them in a few years ago. The city’s restrictions are designed to help prevent a proliferation of these types of businesses, as well as to help prevent criminal activity and keep a distance between these types of businesses and schools, churches, etc.

Voluntary Annexation
Council also heard proposed guidelines for consideration of voluntary annexation requests. Council requested additional information after new laws governing involuntary annexations were approved by the General Assembly last year, which was followed by an increase in requests for voluntary annexations into the city. Many of the requests are in response to increased demand for multi-family housing, which is easier to develop with the city’s more urban zoning requirements.
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