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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Riverfest parking

Riverfest parking

Reminder that the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge is OPEN for Riverfest weekend.

Click here to find out when the bridge will be closed next week.

A recap of city parking this weekend:

Riverfest  Friday Saturday Sunday
On-street parking  Free after 5 p.m.
No time limit 
Free all day
No time limit 
Free all day
No time limit 
Market & 2nd St. decks  Normal operation  $7 event parking fee  $7 event parking fee 
2nd St. Lot  Normal operation  Normal operation  Normal operation 
Hannah Block Lot  Normal operation  Normal operation  Normal operation 


The city’s downtown on-street parking will be free starting at 5 p.m. on Friday, October 5 and all day on Saturday, October 6 for Riverfest for metered and time-limited spaces from Ann to Red Cross streets and from Water to 4th streets. On-street parking is always free on Sundays. 

The upper level of the Water Street parking facility will be COMPLETELY CLOSED to vehicles as well as pedestrians for the entire weekend.

The 2nd Street and Market Street decks will charge a $7 entry fee on Saturday and Sunday. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Diner’s Club are accepted.

The city’s surface parking lots located at 2nd & Market Streets and 2nd & Church’s Alley will operate as normal. Visitors pay at the pay station located on the lot.

Private lots and decks
Several privately owned and operated parking lots and decks are operated within the city, and many of these lots are not free to the general public. The city has taken every measure to make sure that the lots are adequately marked with signage, so be aware before you park.
      Look for the "Lots More" signs to know that you are parking in a city facility! 

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