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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kenan Fountain repaired and lit up!

Kenan Fountain repaired and lit up!

Kenan Fountain the night before the new lights
were installed
Kenan Fountain the night after the new lights
were installed

Repairs and improvements made to the Kenan Fountain on Market Street are now complete after new lighting was installed on Feb. 5. The historic fountain was damaged after it was struck by a car last summer. The accident prompted City Council to consider alternatives to help reduce future incidents at the fountain, which is located in the intersection of Market Street and 5th Avenue. In November, City Council approved funding for better lighting at the fountain as a low-cost option to increase its visibility to drivers.

Structural repairs totaling $73,875 were made in December to the limestone where the car hit the fountain. The damaged stonework of the historic fountain, originally installed in 1921, had to be re-carved by hand. The fountain does not currently have water flowing through it because the city does not operate it during the winter months to protect the pipes from freezing. The water will be turned on in mid-March.

Improved lighting around the fountain was installed on Feb. 5. While no additional lights were added, the older fixtures were replaced with more energy efficient and brighter LED lights. The light fixtures on the traffic poles at the intersection, as well as around the base of the fountain, were replaced at a cost of $8,300.

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