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Saturday, June 25, 2016

New Sewer Line Open

New Sewer Line Open

Flow diverted from Hewlett's Creek

At left, a worker opens the valve to allow wastewater to flow into the new pipeline.


A major milestone of work on the Northeast Interceptor (NEI) force main was achieved on February 6 when sewer flow was successfully diverted from the old pipe to a new replacement pipe.

One of the three major repairs to the NEI has been to replace more than a mile of pipe that ran through Hewlett’s Creek. The portion of pipe in the creek was thought to have the greatest possibility of failure before a back-up line is completed. Not only was the section of pipe difficult to maintain and repair because of its location in the wetlands, it was also in an environmentally sensitive area.

The city chose the relocation route, which runs through the city Golf Course, down Mockingbird Lane and ties back into the existing line at Cascade Road, because it does not impact private property. The route helped speed up completion of the project, which cost $2 million.

Also nearing completion are the two other major NEI repair projects, including relining almost one-half mile of the pipe that runs along Greenville Loop Road, and installing large pumps at the Hewlett’s Creek pump station to increase capacity at the station.

All work, totaling $6 million, is expected to be completed by the end of February.

For more information on the current and planned sewer projects, visit the City's Sewer Improvements page.

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