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Sunday, July 24, 2016

2007 Citizens' Survey

2007 Citizens' Survey

Results are in

The 2007 Citizen Survey, administered in August, is now complete. City residents were selected at random to receive the survey, and the results have been tabulated. The city has conducted this type of survey every other year since 2001 as part of its strategic planning process.

Data gathered from the survey is used in measuring service performance and service quality ratings, evaluating program/project effectiveness and providing a context for strategic plan decision making. City Council will use this information to help set focus areas for the next three-year strategic plan. This plan is used in many ways, including development of the budget and business work plans by departments. The survey is one of the most accurate ways the city has to hear directly from a large number of citizens about what is important to them and how they would like their tax dollars spent.

Satisfaction Levels: The highest levels of satisfaction with City services, based upon the combined percentage of “very satisfied” and “satisfied” responses among residents who had an opinion, were the quality of fire services (87%), the quality of trash, yard, recycling and yard waste collection services (74%), the quality of police services (66%), and the quality of City parks and recreation programs and facilities (65%). Residents were generally less satisfied with the management of traffic flow on City streets (61%), the quality of City water and wastewater utilities (43%), maintenance of City streets and sidewalks (42%) and the management of stormwater runoff by the City (41%).

Most Emphasis: The three major services that residents thought were the most important for the City to emphasize over the next two years were: (1) the management of traffic flow on City streets, (2) the quality of City water and wastewater utilities, and (3) the maintenance of City streets and sidewalks.

Quality of Life: Fifty-seven percent (57%) of residents who had an opinion, were either “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with the quality of life in the City, 27% were neutral and 15% were “dissatisfied.”

Public Safety: Residents were generally satisfied with the quality of public safety services provided by the City.

For more detailed information, read the entire 2007 Citizens’ Survey.

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