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Saturday, July 23, 2016

1898 Memorial Park Dedication

1898 Memorial Park Dedication

Moving forward together...

The City of Wilmington and the 1898 Foundation officially dedicated the 1898 Monument and Memorial Park on November 8, commemorating the racial violence of 1898 and its consequences. The ceremony was held at the site of the monument and park, located at 1018 N. Third Street at the intersection of Third and Davis streets.

A reception honoring the sculptor who designed and installed the monument, noted artist Ayokunle Odeleye of Atlanta, Ga., followed the dedication ceremony.

According to the mission statement of the 1898 Foundation, the 1898 Memorial Park is intended to “tell the story” of 1898 and its legacy; “honor the memory” of those harmed by the violence of 1898 and those who have worked for racial progress since those times; “heal the wounds” through creating a space of beauty and a site for reconciliation; and “foster the hope” by envisioning an inclusive society.

 Watch the video of the 1898 Memorial Park Dedication Ceremony (Nov. 8, 2008).

Read a short overview of the events of 1898.

Read about the 1898 Committee.

Read about the symbolism of the sculpture.

Read about the artist, Ayokunle Odeleye.

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