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Sunday, July 24, 2016

2nd Annual Cape Fear Breeze Commuter Challenge

2nd Annual Cape Fear Breeze Commuter Challenge

Challenge was a big success!

The 2nd Annual Cape Fear Breeze Commuter Challenge came to a successful conclusion in October, and the results have now been tabulated. The Challenge ran for five weeks beginning the week of Sept. 15, and employers, employees and the general public were encouraged to take advantage of alternate methods of transportation. By using alternatives such as carpooling, biking, riding the bus, walking, riding scooters and telecommuting, participants recovered their own lost treasures—money spent on commuting, fitness and a cleaner environment, just to name a few.

Participants bicycled enough miles to go from Wilmington, NC to Barstow, CA and then to pedal over to see the Pacific Ocean at Newport Beach, with a couple of miles to spare. That's over 5,081 miles saved by cycling alone.

The total miles of carpooling, scooting, walking, riding the bus and biking were truly astronomical! The 31,895 miles saved was enough to travel around the earth at the equator AND to circle the moon, PLUS take a trip to Raleigh to brag about it and make it almost all the way back home to Wilmington.

Participants also found some coins tucked in their carpool cushions, or under their bike seats or the bus seats. Together contestants saved almost $7,700 and many are continuing their commuting habit.

Almost 1,000 pounds in carbon monoxide, 160 pounds in NOx (the pollutant that contributes to the formation of acid rain, ground-level ozone, decreased water quality and global warming), and 130 pounds in volatile organic compound pollutants were not emitted into the atmosphere. Over 13 tons, or 26,902 pounds, of greenhouse gasses were prevented from damaging the environment.

Sign up for the Way2Go Club to add to these savings and create savings of your own. Club members qualify to receive a Cape Fear Breeze commuter mug just for joining. Random club members will also qualify to win a monthly prize just for recording trips using alternate methods of transportation, and a quarterly prize is issued to the commuter who has recorded the most alternative-mode trips during that quarter.

Visit the Cape Fear Breeze website to learn more and to sign up for the Way2Go Club.

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