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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Annexation affects city residents, too

Annexation affects city residents, too

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View Frequently Asked Questions about the Monkey Junction Annexation.

View the City's page on Annexation.

 See if your address is included in the annexation area.

 View the Monkey Junction Annexation Area Service Plan which details how the city plans to provide and finance services to the annexed area.


Did you know…

City residents subsidize near-city areas in two ways.

First, as a city resident, your property taxes pay for services that near-city residents use every time they enter the city to work, shop or recreate. They utilize city streets, city sidewalks, city police and fire protection and city traffic control.

Second, most of the sales tax generated in the city is not returned to the city, it is returned to the county. Taxable sales within the City of Wilmington account for 83% of the taxable sales within all of New Hanover County; however, only 21% of the actual sales tax dollars are returned to the City. The rest of this money goes to the county, which is able to keep its property taxes lower thanks to this subsidy that city residents are paying. 

View a three minute video to hear what area residents are saying about annexation.

Click here to view charts with more detailed information about the sales tax issue. 

Economic Hub
The City is the core of economic activity in our region. A strong core makes for a strong regional economy. Three major indicators point to Wilmington as the primary economic engine for our area: sales taxes, top employers and amenities.

  • Businesses inside the city limits account for 83% of all sales tax collected in New Hanover last year, but the city received only 21% of those sales tax revenues.
  • Most of the remaining money - 74% - goes to New Hanover County, which is able to keep its property taxes lower thanks to this subsidy by city taxpayers.
  • Not only is most business conducted inside the city limits, but the majority of facilities for top employers are also located within the city limits, including: New Hanover Regional Medical Center, PPD, Verizon, UNCW.
  • The downtown Riverwalk is the area’s #1 tourist attraction. Also, our historic downtown, shopping and other attractions bring thousands of residents and visitors to our city each year.

Some other facts about city services...

WPD traffic accident response

  • 26 percent of all traffic accidents that the WPD responds to involve a New Hanover County, non-city resident driver.
  • Over half of all traffic accidents that the WPD responds to (53%) involve a driver who is not a city resident. City residents alone pay for these service calls.

Stormwater Improvements
The two areas annexed by the city (known as the 1995 and 1998 annexation areas) have benefited from more than $8 million in completed stormwater improvements. Other expenditures in those areas include:

  • $925,000 in master planning and GIS mapping
  • $9.91 million stormwater improvement projects currently under design or construction
  • $5.38 million in capital projects currently planned for the next five years
  • $1.05 million in operations and maintenance annually

Example of other city services that reach beyond city limits:

  • City spends approximately $5.9 million each year on 695 acres of parks maintenance
  • City parks are enjoyed by 182,591 people throughout New Hanover County
  • City spends $1.5 million each year to maintain 383 miles of streets such as the 17th Street Extension, which are available to and utilized by NHC residents


Please note, the maps may take a few moments to load. 

View a map of the current city limits and the annexation area.

View a close-up map of the annexation area.

View a map showing a breakdown of how land in the Monkey Junction area is used. 

View a presentation on the annexation.

View the Resolution of Intent

View Resolution Attachment A: legal boundary description of annexation area.

View FAQs on annexation from the North Carolina League of Municipalities.

View the North Carolina General Statutes regarding annexation.



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