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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Remember to recycle over the holidays!

Remember to recycle over the holidays!

Recycle your wrapping paper & tree

After all the presents have been opened, don't throw away the wrapping paper and empty boxes -- recycle them!

All wrapping paper can be recycled, whether it's foil, paper or tissue. Boxes must be flattened as much as possible. Ribbons, bows and cellophane are NOT recyclable, however. As always, any excess recycling will be picked up at no additional charge. Simply place the extra in another container and set it out with your city recycling bin.

Need a recycling bin? If you are a city solid waste customer, give the city's Solid Waste Division a call at (910) 341-7875 and they will gladly deliver a bin to you at no additional charge. Who knows? You could even save some money by recycling. If you have a large trash cart, more than one or need service more than once a week, you might be able to downsize and save money on your trash bill.

Also, the city will pick up your undecorated Christmas tree after the celebrating is over. Just be sure all decorations are removed from the tree and place it in the right-of-way by 7:30 a.m. on your normal trash pick-up day.

Visit the city's recycling page for more information on recycling, or call (910) 341-7875.

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