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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Wilmington Fire Department cracks down on overcrowding

Wilmington Fire Department cracks down on overcrowding

Overcrowding can be dangerous

The Wilmington Fire Department has begun to enforce a new ordinance cracking down on businesses that allow dangerous overcrowding.

Last month, the city increased fines for overcrowding in businesses where people congregate, such as bars and restaurants. The new fine charges $100 for each person over the building's allowed occupancy limit. The WFD has charged two businesses with overcrowding since the increased fines were put in place. One bar had more than 40 people over the posted limit of 180 and received a $4,000 penalty. The second bar was found with 138 people above the posted limit of 120 and received a $13,800 penalty.

"The fire department takes such violations very seriously and will continue checking overcrowding situations that pose a threat to the public," said Assistant Fire Chief Frank Blackley.

For more information, please contact the Fire & Life Safety Division of the Wilmington Fire Department at (910) 343-0696.

View the Wilmington Fire Department's Fire & Life Safety web page.

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