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Sunday, July 24, 2016

NEI Repairs Underway

NEI Repairs Underway

Repairs Began August 29 Construction of NEI pipe repairs began Wednesday

Construction activity of repairs to the Northeast Interceptor force main sewer pipe began in earnest on August 29 as contractors dug trenches for the new pipeline along the edge of the municipal golf course on Pine Grove Drive. 

A road sign designating the improvements was erected by the Hewlett’s Creek pump station on Wednesday as well. City staff was on hand Wednesday morning to explain the repairs underway. The pump station is located beside the Exxon gas station at the corner of Greenville Loop Road and Pine Grove Drive. 

Following is a summary of the repairs currently underway: 

Greenville Loop Road  Sewer Worker Setting Up Alternate Pipeline
Description:  Line almost one-half mile of pipe near Shinnwood Road, replace air release valves, and replace manholes at Hewlett’s Creek pump station.
Cost:  $1.8 million  
Construction: August- November, 2007

Hewlett’s Creek pipe replacement
Description: Replace more than one mile of pipe that currently runs through Hewlett’s Creek.
Cost: $2 million   
Construction:  August, 2007-January, 2008   
Workers Erect Sign Designating Sewer Improvement  Pump Station Improvements
       Description:  Replace junction box at
       Bradley Creek pump station, and install
       interim pumps at both the Bradley Creek
       and Hewlett’s Creek pump stations.
       Cost:  $2.2 million
       Construction: August-December, 2007

    View more info at the sewer repair page.

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