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Monday, July 25, 2016

Dupree stormwater project

Dupree stormwater project

See what other projects are planned

The city's Stormwater Division is working hard to improve drainage issues. In fact, more than $7 million in stormwater improvements have been completed over the last three years.

On July 6, we experienced almost 5.5 inches of rain in just 3 hours, which only happens once in 100 years. Even with this incredible amount of rain, areas that used to flood did not experience flooding.

For example, improvements made in the Northwood area on Market Street, the Cardinal Drive area, Seagate, Plaza East, Heidi Drive area of Winter Park and Longstreet in Pine Valley have recently been completed and those areas did not experience flooding, even during the recent record amounts of rain.

Several other improvements are planned, including a $1.3 million project in the Doctor’s Branch area which is expected to begin by the end of the year. The number of projects and how fast they can be completed depends largely on the amount of funding available. The city pays for stormwater improvements with monthly fees paid by property owners.

The current stormwater fee is $5.10 a month for the average homeowner. Although the city would like to complete more projects and do them more quickly, city estimates show that it would cost $59 million over five years to pay for all of the needed improvements. This would cause the average monthly bill to double, which is not feasible.

Market St./Northwoods project:

Market St. /Inland Greens project:
$1,600,000 (approx)

Plaza East project:

Longstreet Drainage project:

Winter Park Drainage Relief:
(provided new gravity outlet for Woodale, Heide and Barefoot area of Winter Park)

Dupree Drive project:
(provided new stormwater wetland and drainage relief for Myrtle Ave. & Dupree Dr.

Current projects:

  • Doctors Branch – adjacent to Stonington subdivision
  • Mineral Springs – Dawson Street near Fergusons
  • Brenda Drive – Clearbrook area
  • S. Branch Bradley Creek – Michelle Drive, Shell Road Village
  • Cedar Avenue – Cubbies on S. College Road
  • Wisteria/Clearbrook – 58th Street, Lands End to Clearbrook area
  • Lincoln Outfall – Lincoln Forest neighborhood

Future projects:

  • Hunters Trail – near Cape Cottages
  • Cardinal/George Trask – Inland Greens and Long Leaf Acres
  • Greenville/White Ave – Wrightsville Green subdivision
  • Brookshire/Beasley – Waltmoor, Whisper Creek area
  • Clear Run Branch/New Center Drive
  • New MacCumbers Outfall
  • Whispering Pines

View a presentation on stormwater projects, past, present and future.

For more information on drainage and stormwater projects, visit the city's Stormwater Page or call (910) 343-4777.

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