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Monday, July 25, 2016

Update on major projects

Update on major projects

Projects recently completed or almost complete

Sidewalks at city schools
The city recently completed a walking trail connecting Tanbridge Road and Spartan Drive to provide safe access for students that walk to Blair Elementary and Noble Middle schools. The project was constructed as part a continuing effort to install sidewalks in areas of greatest need. A new sidewalk was also recently installed at Roland-Grise Middle School, and installation of a sidewalk at Bradley Creek Elementary School is expected to begin soon.

Stormwater improvement project
The City has just completed a $700,000 stormwater project to alleviate flooding along Myrtle Avenue and Dupree Drive. New storm drains and a wetland were installed and completed ahead of schedule and under budget. The new drains will help capture stormwater runoff and direct it to the wetland, which improves water quality by filtering out pollutants before the water runs into nearby Bradley Creek. The city has completed stormwater projects totaling more than $7 million over the last three years. Click here to learn more about this and other important stormwater information.

Downtown Riverwalk
The northernmost section of the Riverwalk that runs along the Cape Fear River downtown is under construction and almost complete. This is the first of four new sections of boardwalk that will complete the waterfront connection from Nun Street to the Isabel Holmes Bridge. The Riverwalk is the area’s #1 tourist attraction.

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