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Sunday, July 24, 2016

What is white space?

What is white space?

America's first TV White Spaces

Do you know what white space is?

White space is a short-wave signal that can collect and transmit information through brick walls as clearly and easily as it can through thin air over radio wave lengths that had been used for analog TV before the digital conversion, and for a much longer distance than current wireless technology.

Wilmington will launch America's first TV White Spaces network during a demonstration with Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo and New Hanover County Commission Chairman Jason Thompson. The demonstration will highlight the impact that this first-of-its-kind wireless network will have on providing services to local goverments and the community.

The Wilmington/New Hanover County market was selected by the FCC as the pilot for the national Digital TV transition that successfully launch in 2008, and is now the first in the nation to deploy a network using the newly available TV frequencies.

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