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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Final Citizen Survey report

Final Citizen Survey report

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As part of the city's ongoing strategic planning process, the City of Wilmington recently completed a survey of its residents. This allows the city to gather information from its residents about their priorities and the how they perceive the quality of city programs and services.

The survey was mailed out to randomly selected Wilmington households earlier this year and results were compared to the survey sent to residents in 2007.

The results improved in 50 of the 82 areas that were compared in both surveys. Some of the notable improvements included:

  • the management of traffic flow on City streets (+11%)
  • the enforcement of City codes and ordinances (+9%)
  • the management of stormwater runoff (+5)
  • the quality of parks and recreation programs/facilities (+5%)

The highest levels of satisfaction with city services were:

  • the quality of fire services (87%)
  • the quality of trash, yard, recycling and yard waste collection services (74%)
  • the quality of City parks and recreation programs and facilities (70%)
  • the quality of police services (67%)

Areas citizens want to see the most improvement include:

  • Safety and crime prevention
  • Street and sidewalk maintenance
  • Traffic flow on city streets

The full survey report is now complete. Also complete is a benchmarking study, which compares our city's results with other cities.

View a report of the entire Citizen Survey results.

View the Executive Summary report from the survey.

Read the benchmarking study.

Watch the presentation of survey results.

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