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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Skipper of USS NC

Skipper of USS NC

Visits Wilmington Skipper of new submarine visits Wilmington

Mark Davis, Skipper of the USS North Carolina submarine, was at City Hall in Wilmington on September 7 to discuss the commissioning ceremony that will be held here next spring.

It was announced on September 6 that Wilmington has been selected as the site for the commissioning of the Submarine USS North Carolina (SSN 777). The fourth and newest unit of the Virginia Class nuclear attack submarine, this state-of-the-art submarine cost $2.4 billion and took three years to build. 

A committee has been formed to organize the commissioning, to be chaired by Louise McColl and co-chaired by Captain David Scheu. Davis said he is excited about having the commissioning of the USS North Carolina in Wilmington. “I’ve been so impressed with the hospitality and friendliness of the citizens of Wilmington. My crew and I can’t wait to be here.”

The SSN 777 is the fifth ship to carry the name North Carolina, four of which were United States Ships and one a Confederate States Ship. The first to be commissioned was the Ship-of-the-Line in 1824; the second the Confederate Ironclad in 1864; the third the Armored Cruiser (ACR-12) in 1908; and the last was the Battleship (BB-55) commissioned in 1941, which was awarded 15 battle stars for service in World War II.

The submarine will have physical connections to two of the previous USS North Carolinas. Pieces of the teak decking from the Battleship are reused within the Submarine and several pieces from the silver service presented to the Armored Cruiser by the State of North Carolina will be displayed onboard. 

The submarine will be manned by a crew of 134. It is 337 feet long, weighs 7,800 tons and can dive more than 800 feet deep. 
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