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Sunday, June 26, 2016

WPD connects with neighborhoods to reduce crime

WPD connects with neighborhoods to reduce crime

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Efforts the WPD has taken over the last several years to better connect with neighborhoods and focus on high crime areas are producing results.

In 2007, the WPD started the citywide geographic-based policing program. The city was divided into six districts and a downtown area, each with its own lieutenant. The lieutenants are responsible for identifying problems and formulating solutions for their assigned areas. Residents of the downtown area may contact the downtown district lieutenant or the lieutenant in their particular district for assistance.

Patrol officers spend at least an hour of every shift walking in their districts. Geographic-based policing enables patrol officers to increase their positive contacts in the community and to become more familiar with neighborhoods.

Concerns in your neighborhood? Call us.
Downtown area    Lt. G. Perkins 342-2715
Districts 1 and 2   Lt. B. Kennedy 343-3637
Districts 3 and 4   Lt. R. Prince 343-3612
Districts 5 and 6   Lt. E. Pigford 342-2714

Click here to see a short video on geographic-based policing and see it in action!
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