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Friday, June 24, 2016

Department Staff

First Name Last Name Department Position Phone Email Bio
Christopher Chadwick Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Christopher Cook Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Christopher Miller Fire Fire Captain 910.341.7846
Christopher Nelson Fire Battalion Chief: Career Development Coordinator 910.343.4783
Christopher Small Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Christopher Walker Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Chrystal Medlin Police Narcotics 910.341.1609
Cindy Limparis City Attorney Administrative Support Specialist 910.341.7820
Clarkton Moore Planning, Development, and Transportation Traffic/Sign Supervisor, Traffic Engineering 910.341.0078
Clay Robinson Public Services Capital Projects, Survey Technician 910.341.5898
Cliff Willman Fire Fire Captain 910.341.7846
Colin Simpson Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Colleen Farrell Community Services Recreation Supervisor – Fit For Fun 910.341.4630
Corey Harrison Information Technology Senior Systems Analyst 910.342.2739
Corey Taylor Planning, Development, and Transportation Associate Planner, Long Range Planning 910.341.5811
Craig Melville Police Property Crimes Investigator 910.343.3658
Cristal Jenkins Finance Reporting Analyst 910.341.0060
Crystal Williamson Police Crime Prevention 910.343.3945
Cynthia Whitfield-Roush Community Services Code Enforcement Officer 910.341.7814
D.D. Gronau Police Fraud Investigator 910.342.2778
D.F. Smith Police School Liaison Officer 910.343.3600
D.J. Oakes Police Narcotics 910.343.3903
Dale Lamb Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Dale Stansell Community Services Housing Rehabilitation Technician 910.341.5835
Dana Blanks Community Services Housing Financial Counselor 910.341.4648
Dana Mapson Finance Revenue Specialist 910.342.2770
Daniel Garay Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Daniel Grafius Fire Headquarters Training Officer 910.772.4126
Daniel Medford Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Daniel Stahl Fire Fire Prevention Inspector 910.343.4767
Danny Costin Public Services Streets, Construction Supervisor 910.341.7879
Darla Bowman Finance Reporting Analyst 910-341-0220
Darone McDowell Fire Fire Captain 910.341.7846
Darrell Galloway Community Services Code Enforcement Officer 910.341.3235
Darrell Lanier Police Lieutenant, Platoon Commander NW Station 910.343.3630
Darrell Wolf Fire Fire Captain 910.341.7846
Darren Ivey Public Services Engineering Project Manager 910.341.5889
Darryl Nester Police Sergeant, Training Range Master 910.341.1608
Daryl Stahl Fire Auto Equipment Mechanic 910.343.3943
Daryle Parker Finance Purchasing Manager 910.342.2735
Dave Bentley Planning, Development, and Transportation Electronic & Instrument Technician, Traffic Engineering 910.341.2747
Dave Brent Planning, Development, and Transportation Traffic Signal System Specialist, Traffic Engineering 910.341.4677
Dave Bundick Public Services Solid Waste Manager, Customer Refuse 910.341.0081
Dave Mayes Public Services Stormwater Services Division Manager 910.341.5880
Dave Pellegrino Police Canine Officer 910.341.4617
David Conklin Police Deputy Chief of Police 910.343.3610
David Cowell Public Services City Engineer 910.341.5879
David Donovan Community Services Golf Course Manager 910.791.0558
David Hines Fire Fire Battalion Chief 910.341.4782
David Keifer Fire Master Firefighter 910.341.7846
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