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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Department Staff

First Name Last Name Department Position Phone Email Bio
Bruce Johnston Planning, Development, and Transportation Senior Engineering Technician, Transportation Planning 910.341.5892
Elizabeth Penley Planning, Development, and Transportation GIS Planner 910.341.5893
Teresa Rouse Public Services Capital Projects, Engineering Technician 910.341.5894
Jennifer Butler Public Services Stormwater Education Program Manager 910.341.5895
Carl Farmer Public Services Capital Projects Division Engineer 910.341.5896
Mike Naklicki Public Services Construction Managment Project Manager 910.341.5897
Howard Asberry Public Services Survey Party Chief 910.341.5898
Amelia Baysden Public Services Capital Projects Survey Technician 910.341.5898
Brian Blackmon Public Services Survey Party Chief 910.341.5898
Walter Bordeaux Public Services Engineering Survey Worker 910.341.5898
Clay Robinson Public Services Capital Projects, Survey Technician 910.341.5898
Skipper Funderburg Public Services Plan Review Senior Engineer Technician 910.341.5899
Travis Adams Community Services Recreation Division Manager 910.341.6025
Tiffany Lesley Community Services Senior Programs 910.341.7253
Tony Caudle City Manager's Office Deputy City Manager 910.341.7800
Chris Compton City Manager's Office Executive Staff Assistant 910.341.7800
John Barrow Community Services Part Time Staff 910.341.7803
Tameka Brown Community Services Part Time Staff 910.341.7803
Tawannia Bernard Public Services Engineering Fiscal Support Specialist 910.341.7807
Sterling Cheatham City Manager's Office City Manager 910.341.7810
Tracy Corle City Manager's Office Executive Support Specialist 910.341.7810
John Fortuin Finance Fleet Manager 910.341.7812
Cynthia Whitfield-Roush Community Services Code Enforcement Officer 910.341.7814
Dawn Grants City Council Mayor's Office, Executive Staff Assistant 910.341.7815
Tracy Manning City Clerk Assistant Clerk 910.341.7816
Penny Spicer-Sidbury City Clerk City Clerk 910.341.7816
Nina Johnston Community Services Superintendent, Parks & Urban Forestry 910.341.7818
Bill McDow Planning, Development, and Transportation Staff Engineer, Transportation Planning 910.341.7819
Cindy Limparis City Attorney Administrative Support Specialist 910.341.7820
Chesnutt Summer City Attorney Administrative Support Technician 910.341.7820
Billy Whitehurst Community Services Parks, Recreation & Downtown Services Facilities Manager 910.341.7821
Stephanie Jacobs Finance Assistant Finance Director/Controller 910.341.7822
Debra Mack Finance Director 910.341.7822
Ricky Midgette Community Services Parks & Urban Forestry Tree Crew Supervisor 910.341.7824
Jonathan Rhyne Public Services Capital Projects, Senior Engineering Technician 910.341.7826
Don St. Onge Police Fiscal Support Specialist 910.341.7828
Ellen McGowan Finance Contract Specialist 910.341.7830
Gene Langley Community Services Senior Housing Specialist 910.341.7835
Dawn Coleman Community Services Community Services Administrative Support Technician 910.341.7836
Steve Harrell Community Services Director 910.341.7836
Teresa Benton Human Resources HR Technician 910.341.7840 Safety/Risk
Georgette Saul Human Resources HR Technician 910.341.7840 Recruitment & HRIS
Gregory Allen Fire Fire Captain 910.341.7846
Kenneth Altman Fire Master Firefighter 910.341.7846
John Apostolico Fire Master Firefighter 910.341.7846
Michael Bannon Fire Master Firefighter 910.341.7846
Ashlin Bass Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Scott Batson Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Robert Bentfield Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Brian Bentley Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
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