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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Department Staff

First Name Last Name Department Position Phone Email Bio
Charles Horney Police Identification Crime Scene Technician 910.343.3644
Rufus Huffman Police Re-entry Case Manager 910.341.0160
Meg Hutzenbiler Police Logistics Property Technician 910.343.3642
Waymon Hyman Police Criminal Investigations Division 910.343.3657
Matthew Ingram Police Intelligence 910.341.0148
James Innella Police Narcotics 910.341.0165
Leslie Irving Police Criminal Investigations Division, Domestic Violence 910.341.1431
Myron Irving Police Corporal, Recruiter 910.343.3651
J.C. Johnson Police Corporal, Special Enforcement Response Team 910.341.4617
K.B. Johnson Police Supervisor, Identification 910.343.3644
R.E. Jones Police School Liaison Officer 910.343.3600
Ben Kennedy Police Sergeant, SE Station 910.343.3637
Warren Kennedy Police Sergeant, Training/Recruiting 910.341.0140
Barry Key Police NW Station Commander 910.341.1013
Franklin Kienast Police Corporal, Traffic Unit 910.343.3600
Lisa Kittrell Police Sergeant, Squad Supervisor NW Station 910.343.3652
Heather Knopf Police Telephone Response unit 910.343.0820
Rich Knopf Police Traffic Unit Officer 910.343.3600
Linda Kornegay Police DCI Clerk 910.341.0145
Andrew Korwatch Police Violent Crimes Investigator 910.343.3623
Heather Korwatch Police Police Administrative Supervisor 910.341.0150
Joseph Lachapelle Police Narcotics 910.341.1615
Carlos Lamberty Police School Liaison Officer 910.343.3600
Darrell Lanier Police Lieutenant, Platoon Commander NW Station 910.343.3630
Robert Layman Police Civilian, Traffic Investigator 910.343.3600
Andy Lazzaro Police Narcotics 910.341.1614
Peter Letson Police Pilot, SABLE 910.342.2715
Eric Lippert Police Professional Standards 910.343.3944
Ian Lovell Police Narcotics 910.341.1612
Doug MacNeish Police Corporal, Special Enforcement Response Team 910.341.4617
Laurie Madsen Police DCI Clerks, Administrative Support Technician 910.341.0145
Matthew Malone Police Corporal, Traffic Unit 910.343.3600
Katrina Marshall-Scott Police Records Administrative Support Technician 910.343.3640
Jeff Martens Police Property Crimes Investigator 910.343.3621
B.W. Mattox Police DEA 910.815.4513
C.M. Mayo Police Narcotics 910.341.1610
Donna McClellan Police Police Records Supervisor 910.343.3649
Kenneth McMillian Police Sergeant, Squad Supervisor NW Station 910.343.3693
Jody McPherson Police Sergeant, Supervisor Special Enforcement Response Team 910.341.4167
Adriana McQuillan Police Records Administrative Support Technician 910.343.3640
Chrystal Medlin Police Narcotics 910.341.1609
Tiffany Meineke Police Professional Standards Administrative Support 910.343.3944
Craig Melville Police Property Crimes Investigator 910.343.3658
J.T. Miller Police Officer, SABLE 910.342.2715
James Moore Police Deputy Chief of Police 910.343.3610
J.E. Moore Police Officer, Traffic Unit 910.343.3600
Darryl Nester Police Sergeant, Training Range Master 910.341.1608
Stewart Newton Police Narcotics 910.343.3600
R.J. Nichols Police FBI Task Force 910.342.2999
D.J. Oakes Police Narcotics 910.343.3903
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