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Monday, March 30, 2015

Department Staff

First Name Last Name Department Position Phone Email Bio
Robb Trout Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Robert Bentfield Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Robert Benton Police Computer Crimes Investigator 910.343.3674
Robert Corbett III Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Robert Hester Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Robert Layman Police Civilian, Traffic Investigator 910.343.3600
Robert Odham Police Violent Crimes Investigator 910.343.3686
Robert Patterson Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Robert Powell Fire Fire Captain 910.341.7846
Robert Ramsay Fire Master Firefighter 910.341.7846
Robert Simmons Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Robert Thomas Police Property Crimes Investigator 910.341.0168
Robert Williams Public Services Project Engineer 910.341.0062
Robert V. Davis Police Identification Crime Scene Technician 910.343.3644
Rod Monroe Community Services Hemenway Center Recreation Coordinator 910.341.4663
Rodney Lester Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Rodney Simmons Police Criminal Investigations Shift Supervisor 910.343.3684
Ron Satterfield Planning, Development, and Transportation Division Manager, Planning 910.341.3255
Ronald Little Fire Fire Captain 910.341.7846
Ronnie Brinkley Fire Service Shop Supervisor 910.341.3943
Roxanne Schoedler Police Administrative Support Technician 910.342.2716
Rufus Huffman Police Re-enty Case Manager 910.341.0160
Russell Daggett Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Ruth Green Community Services Housing Financial Counselor 910.341.5836
Ryan Kraft Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Ryan O'Reilly Community Services Parks & Landscape Supervisor 910.342.2795
Ryan Tunstall Community Services Recreation Coordinator 910.341.0057
Ryan Young Fire Fire Captain 910.341.7846
S.L. Brister Police Canine Officer 910.341.4617
S.S. Thompson Police Narcotics 910.343.3600
Sam Hill, Jr. Fire Fire Battalion Chief 910.343.3933
Sam Lee Community Services Parks & Urban Forestry, Right of Way & Grounds Supervisor 910.342.2794
Samuel Flowers Fire Fire Battalion Chief 910.341.7846
Samuel George Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Samuel Johnson Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Samuel Morris, Jr. Fire Fire Captain 910.341.7846
Sara Jordan Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Sarah Kendrick Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Scott Batson Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Scott Benton Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Scott Kaczynski Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Scott King Public Services Solid Waste Manager/Customer Refuse 910.341.0081
Scott Rosthauser Human Resources Sr. HR Analyst 910.254.0905 Employee Relations & Training
Scott Steinhilber Finance Senior Budget Analyst 910.341.5865
Scott Stilwell Fire Master Firefighter 910.341.7846
Shannon Provencher Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Sharon Braxton Information Technology Senior Systems Analyst 910.342.2746
Sharon Vincent Police NW Station, Squad Supervisor 910.343.3648
Sheldon Goodwin Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Sherod Goss Fire Fire Captain 910.341.7846
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