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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Department Staff

First Name Last Name Department Position Phone Email Bio
Scott Rosthauser Human Resources Sr. HR Analyst 910.254.0905 Employee Relations & Training
Teresa Rouse Public Services Capital Projects, Engineering Technician 910.341.5894
Bret Russell Public Services Construction Manager 910.341.5890
Jim Sahlie Information Technology GIS Manager 910.341.5826
Ron Satterfield Planning, Development, and Transportation Division Manager, Planning 910.341.3255
Stephen Sattler Planning, Development, and Transportation Zoning Inspector 910.341.4697
Georgette Saul Human Resources HR Technician 910.341.7840 Recruitment & HRIS
Andrew Savage Finance Accountant 910.341.4601
Briana Schino Police Crime Scene Technician 910.343.3644
Roxanne Schoedler Police Administrative Support Technician 910.342.2716
Harvey Schultz Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Carl Scott Public Services Stormwater Supervisor 910.341.0071
Briana Seese Police Administrative Support Specialist 910.343.3601
M.C. Seitter Police Special Operations 910.341.4617
Jeanne Sexton Human Resources Director 910.341.5842 Administration
Len Sheeran Planning, Development, and Transportation Electronic & Instrument Technician, Traffic Engineering 910.342.2747
Jennifer Shiels Community Services Community Development, Administrative Support Technician 910.341.3239
Alex Shiplett Information Technology Web Master 910.342.2787
David Short Police Narcotics 910.815.4634
Gina Shreve Police Professional Standards 910.343.3955
Cassandra Sidberry Fire Fire Captain 910.341.7846
Rodney Simmons Police Criminal Investigations Shift Supervisor 910.343.3684
Robert Simmons Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Colin Simpson Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Ricardo Simpson Public Services Solid Waste Manager/Recycling 910.341.0228
Michele Singer Human Resources HR Analyst 910.341.0108 Recruitment & Classification
Latasha Singletary Community Services MLK Center Supervisor 910.341.0054
K.R. Sipe Police Property Crimes Investigator 910.343.3627
Tammy Skinner Community Services Recreation Supervisor - Films, Pools, Dog Jog, and Holiday Events 910.341.4602
Christopher Small Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
C.J. Smith Police Officer, Traffic Unit 910.343.3600
D.F. Smith Police School Liaison Officer 910.343.3600
Donna Smith Police Sergeant, Squad Supervisor NW Station 910.341.5832
Elton Smith Fire Fire Captain 910.341.7846
J.D. Smith Police Officer, Traffic Unit 910.343.3600
P.S. Smith Police FBI Task Force 910.342.2999
Timothy Smith Fire Headquarters Training Officer 910.772.4125
Susan Smith Fire Headquarters, Administrative Support Specialist 910.772.4127
J.L. Snead Police Officer, SABLE 910.341.2715
Dawn Snotherly Planning, Development, and Transportation Associate Planner, Current Planning 910.341.5815
Alejandra Sotelo Police Violent Crimes Investigator 910.343.3656
Jimmy Speakman Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Penny Spicer-Sidbury City Clerk City Clerk 910.341.7816
Marvin Spruill Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Don St. Onge Police Fiscal Support Specialist 910.341.7828
Lisa Stabler Human Resources HR Data Specialist 910.218.0085 Data Integrity
Daniel Stahl Fire Fire Prevention Inspector 910.343.4767
Daryl Stahl Fire Auto Equipment Mechanic 910.343.3943
Dale Stansell Community Services Housing Rehabilitation Technician 910.341.5835
Jack Stein Human Resources Safety Program Manager 910.341.5864 Safety & Risk
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