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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Department Staff

First Name Last Name Department Position Phone Email Bio
Mary Green Police Sergeant, SE Station 910.343.3693
Ben Kennedy Police Sergeant, SE Station 910.343.3637
Lisa Kittrell Police Sergeant, Squad Supervisor NW Station 910.343.3652
Kenneth McMillian Police Sergeant, Squad Supervisor NW Station 910.343.3693
Donna Smith Police Sergeant, Squad Supervisor NW Station 910.341.5832
Jody McPherson Police Sergeant, Supervisor Special Enforcement Response Team 910.341.4167
A.L. Dover Police Sergeant, Supervisor SS, CC, Housing 910.342.2717
Carl Strawn Police Sergeant, Supervisor Traffic Unit 910.343.3683
Darryl Nester Police Sergeant, Training Range Master 910.341.1608
Warren Kennedy Police Sergeant, Training/Recruiting 910.341.0140
Ronnie Brinkley Fire Service Shop Supervisor 910.341.3943
Denys Vielkanowitz Planning, Development, and Transportation Signal Systems Management Engineer, Traffic Engineering 910.341.4696
Bill Reed Public Services Sold Waste Superintendent 910.341.0225
Rick Porter Public Services Solid Waste Manager 910.341.0227
Dave Bundick Public Services Solid Waste Manager, Customer Refuse 910.341.0081
Scott King Public Services Solid Waste Manager/Customer Refuse 910.341.0081
Ricardo Simpson Public Services Solid Waste Manager/Recycling 910.341.0228
Joy Williamson Public Services Solid Waste/Administrative Support Assistant 910.341.0214
Edwina Wilson Public Services Solid Waste/Administrative Support Specialist 910.341.0224
Annette McNeil Public Services Solid Waste/Administrative Support Technician 910.341.0213
Mike Donelson Police Special Operations 910.341.1603
F.E. Elder Police Special Operations 910.343.3600
M.C. Seitter Police Special Operations 910.341.4617
Celinda Ellis Police Special Operations Administrative Support Technician 910.341.1603
Jason Tyson Police Squad Supervisor 910.343.3648
Anthony Parker Finance Sr. Accountant 910.341.4654
Barbara Crawford Human Resources Sr. HR Analyst 910.341.5844 Benefits
Scott Rosthauser Human Resources Sr. HR Analyst 910.254.0905 Employee Relations & Training
Bill McDow Planning, Development, and Transportation Staff Engineer, Transportation Planning 910.341.7819
Mary Daniel Public Services Stormwater 910.341.0830
Alfreda Newkirk Public Services Stormwater Drainage Administrative Support Specialist 910.254.0909
Layton Lomax Public Services Stormwater Drainage Manager 910.341.7897
Jennifer Butler Public Services Stormwater Education Program Manager 910.341.5895
Grace Morrison Public Services Stormwater GIS Analyst 910.343.3911
Matt Reames Public Services Stormwater GIS Analyst 910.341.4600
GIS Intern Stormwater Public Services Stormwater GIS Intern 910.473.5986
Matt Hayes Public Services Stormwater GIS Manager 910.341.5887
Pat Higgins Public Services Stormwater Services Administrative Support Technician 910.343.4777
Dave Mayes Public Services Stormwater Services Division Manager 910.341.5880
Jim Quinn Public Services Stormwater Specialist 910.341.4694
Anthony Davis Public Services Stormwater Supervisor 910.343.3633
Carl Scott Public Services Stormwater Supervisor 910.341.0071
Jeremy Thorpe Public Services Stormwater Supervisor 910.341.0070
Mark Younger Public Services Stormwater Supervisor 341-0829
Christine VanKuren Public Services Streets Administrative Support Assistant 910.341.7879
Jay Carter Public Services Streets Manager 910.341.7879
Skeet Carr Public Services Streets Project Manager 910.341.5888
Angel Bordeaux Public Services Streets Quality Control Technician 910.341.5888
Danny Costin Public Services Streets, Construction Supervisor 910.341.7879
Nina Johnston Community Services Superintendent, Parks & Urban Forestry 910.341.7818
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