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Monday, July 25, 2016

Department Staff

First Name Last Name Department Position Phone Email Bio
Karen Dixon Planning, Development, and Transportation GIS Analyst, Traffic Engineering 910.341.7893
Karen Mutters Community Services Boxing and Fitness Center Recreation Supervisor 910.341.7872
Kathleen Cochran Police Lieutenant, SE Station 910.343.3689
Kathryn Hoffman Planning, Development, and Transportation Zoning Planner 910.341.3249
Kathy Dimopoulos Finance Accounting Fiscal Support Technician 910.341.5863
Kathy Mann Finance Senior Budget Analyst 910.341.3995
Kathy Wilson Information Technology Client Services Manager 910.341.5849
Katrina Marshall-Scott Police Records Administrative Support Technician 910.343.3640
Kazu Takeda City Manager's Office GTV-8 Producer/Director 910.343.3966
Keith DeLoatch Public Services Construction Inspector 910.341.3256
Keith Green Information Technology IT Manager 910.341.5848
Keith Padgett Fire Fire Captain 910.341.7846
Kelvin Hargrove Police Seargeant, Narcotics Supervisor 910.342.2733
Ken Bogan Fire Captain, Fire Inspector 910.772.4128
Ken Creech Fire Fire Prevention Inspector 910.343.4765
Kenneth Altman Fire Master Firefighter 910.341.7846
Kenneth McMillian Police Sergeant, Squad Supervisor NW Station 910.343.3693
Kenneth Reichard Police Narcotics 910.343.3600
Kenneth Timms Police Pilot, SABLE 910.342.2715
Kevin Chesson Police Corporal, Identification Crime Scene Technician 910.343.3644
Kevin Dudley Fire Fire Battalion Chief 910.341.7846
Kevin Hollis Fire Master Firefighter 910.341.7846
Kevin Tully Police Violent Crimes Investigator 910.342.2725
Kevin Williams Planning, Development, and Transportation Senior Electronic & Instrument Technician, Traffic Engineering 910.342.2747
Kim Adams Community Services Downtown Services Specialist, Street Closures 910.254.0907
Kirti Vithalani Police Canine Officer 910.341.4617
Kristopher Tucker Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
L.B. Thorpe Police Criminal Investigations Division 910.343.3606
L.H. King Fire Firefighter 910.341.7846
Lanicia Thorpe Police Administrative Support Technician 910.343.3606
Larry Bergman Information Technology Director 910.343.3909
Larry Caldwell Police Housekeeping 910.343.3642
Latasha Singletary Community Services MLK Center Supervisor 910.341.0054
Latoria Gause Community Services Hemenway Center Recreation Coordinator 910.341.4633
Laurie Madsen Police DCI Clerks, Administrative Support Technician 910.341.0145
Lawless Bean City Manager's Office Assistant to the City Manager for Legislative Affairs 910.341.4665
Layton Lomax Public Services Stormwater Drainage Manager 910.341.7897
Len Sheeran Planning, Development, and Transportation Electronic & Instrument Technician, Traffic Engineering 910.342.2747
Lenita Williams Public Services Buildings Management Administrative Support Technician 910.341.7883
Leslie Irving Police Criminal Investigations Division, Domestic Violence 910.341.1431
Letecia Holiday Police Administrative Support Technician 910.343.3955
Linda Kornegay Police DCI Clerk 910.341.0145
Lisa Kittrell Police Sergeant, Squad Supervisor NW Station 910.343.3652
Lisa McLatchy Fire Administrative Support Technician 910.343.0696
Lisa Stabler Human Resources HR Data Specialist 910.218.0085 Data Integrity
Lucy Crockett Police Public Affairs Officer 910.343.3602
Lydell Nixon Fire Master Firefighter 910.341.7846
Lynn Coleman City Attorney Assistant City Attorney 910.341.3999
Lynn Heim Finance Budget Director 910.341.5886
M.B. Fox Police Corporal, Special Enforcement Response Team 910.341.4617
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