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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Department Staff

First Name Last Name Department Position Phone Email Bio
Darla Bowman Finance Reporting Analyst 910-341-0220
Bart Broadstreet Fire Fire Captain 9103341.7846
David Short Police Narcotics 910.815.4634
Billy Young Police US Marshall Task Force Investigator 910.815.4634
B.W. Mattox Police DEA 910.815.4513
John VanDalen Police DEA 910.815.4513
Greg Cross Community Services Golf Course Superintendent 910.791.0558
David Donovan Community Services Golf Course Manager 910.791.0558
Andrea Good Fire Fire Human Resources 910.772.4131
Ian Tedder Fire Captain, Fire Inspector 910.772.4129
Ken Bogan Fire Captain, Fire Inspector 910.772.4128
Susan Smith Fire Headquarters, Administrative Support Specialist 910.772.4127
Daniel Grafius Fire Headquarters Training Officer 910.772.4126
Timothy Smith Fire Headquarters Training Officer 910.772.4125
Steve Mason Fire Fire Battalion Chief 910.772.4124
R.T. Jones Community Services Recreation Coordinator, Dock Master, Farmers' Market, and Code Enforcement Officer 910.520.6875
GIS Intern Stormwater Public Services Stormwater GIS Intern 910.473.5986
David Pugh Community Services Recreation Coordinator - Skate Park 910.362.8222
Meg Langston Fire Community Fire and Life Safety Educator 910.343.4784
Genia Boswell Fire Technology Support Assistant 910.343.4783
Christopher Nelson Fire Battalion Chief: Career Development Coordinator 910.343.4783
Pat Higgins Public Services Stormwater Services Administrative Support Technician 910.343.4777
Richard King Public Services Director 910.343.4777
Daniel Stahl Fire Fire Prevention Inspector 910.343.4767
Freddie Powers, Jr. Fire Fire Prevention Inspector 910.343.4766
Ken Creech Fire Fire Prevention Inspector 910.343.4765
Carolyn White Police Out-side Work Contracts Coordinator 910.343.4761
Priscilla Chamalian Finance Customer Service Clerk 910.343.4745
Diane Mitchell Finance Customer Service Clerk 910.343.4745
Heather Padgett City Attorney Paralegal 910.343.3997
Ellen Owens Finance Payroll and Grants Manager 910.343.3995
Kazu Takeda City Manager's Office GTV-8 Producer/Director 910.343.3966
Gary Casteen Police Fraud/Arson Investigator 910.343.3959
Thomas Tilmon Police Office of the Chief, Professional Standards, Policy Development 910.343.3957
Duan Ford Police Professional Standards, Internal Affairs 910.343.3956
Letecia Holiday Police Administrative Support Technician 910.343.3955
Gina Shreve Police Professional Standards 910.343.3955
Jeremy Barsaleau Police Violent Crimes Investigator 910.343.3954
Jennifer L. Rhoads Police Juvenile Investigator 910.343.3952
Will Hatcher Police Crime Prevention 910.343.3945
Crystal Williamson Police Crime Prevention 910.343.3945
Eric Lippert Police Professional Standards 910.343.3944
Tiffany Meineke Police Professional Standards Administrative Support 910.343.3944
Daryl Stahl Fire Auto Equipment Mechanic 910.343.3943
Frank Blackley Fire Assistant Fire Chief 910.343.3939
Sam Hill, Jr. Fire Fire Battalion Chief 910.343.3933
Paul Verzaal Police Fraud/Arson Investigator, Polygraph Operator 910.343.3921
Herman Born II Fire Battalion Chief, Fire Inspector 910.343.3918
Chris Elrod Fire Fire Prevention Inspector 910.343.3917
Grace Morrison Public Services Stormwater GIS Analyst 910.343.3911
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