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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Citizen Survey

Every two to three years, the city conducts a survey to gauge satisfaction levels and perceptions of city services. The survey allows the city to gather information from its residents about their priorities; identifies what the city is doing well and what services the city needs to improve upon; and helps set focus areas and develop funding priorities. The survey is one of the most accurate ways the city has to hear directly from a large number of citizens about what is important to them and how they would like their tax dollars spent. 

2015 Citizen Survey
The survey was administered in February/March, 2015 to a random sampling of city residents.

Results show that the city improved in a majority of services rated in 2010, 2012 and 2015. Compared to 2012 survey results, the city improved or stayed the same in 46 of 80 areas, and nine areas increased significantly. In addition, results show that citizens generally think the city is spending the right amount on most city services, but would like to see more funding on streets and sidewalks maintenance and police services.


  • Overall level of residents’ satisfaction with city services has continued to improve since the survey began being administered in 2007.

  • Citizens are generally confident in city government and think the city is a good place to live.

  • Top citizen concerns and priorities: streets and sidewalks maintenance, management of traffic flow on city streets and police services.

  • These concerns/priorities are being addressed by: 
    • The city’s 5-year, $41 million infrastructure improvement plan that focuses on street repairs and paving and upgrades to public facilities;
    • The successful 2014 Transportation Bond that includes walking/biking trails and sidewalks to help get cars off our roads, as well as road projects designed to address safety and traffic congestion;
    • Public safety as the top funded service in the 2015-16 budget now being considered that also includes funding for eight additional WPD detectives for more timely case management, as well as continued funding for youth violence reduction and police community engagement.
  • Services areas with the HIGHEST levels of satisfaction:
    • Fire
    • Trash, Recycling and Yard Waste
    • Parks & Recreation programs & facilities
    • Police
  • Areas for improvement
    • City efforts to prevent crime (-13%)
    • Variety of Rec programs & classes (-6%)

 Watch the presentation from the June 2 City Council meeting.

 The full survey results can be accessed here.

 Cross tabular data of the results can be accessed here.

 The survey instrument can be accessed here.

 The benchmark report can be accessed here.


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