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Monday, October 5, 2015

City offices will be closed Monday, Oct 5 due to the heavy rains. Monday's trash pickup is postponed until Wednesday.

Anonymous Reporting Form

Welcome to the City of Wilmington's internet site for reporting Fraud, Waste and Abuse.  The intent of this site is to promote accountability throughout the City by providing tools for City of Wilmington employees, citizens and visitors to voice their concerns in an anonymous way. 

Please use the on-line form shown below, or any one of the other five ways, to express any concerns regarding various issues, such as potential violations of City policy, theft of City resources, fraud related incidents, or safety issues. 

The information provided to the City's Internal Audit Division is strictly confidential. The person(s) identity providing the information, if given, will not be disclosed without their consent.  Exception is made for disclosing necessary information to a law enforcement agency assisting in an active criminal investigation.

A Note from Internal Audit... 

The City of Wilmington takes accusations of Fraud, Waste, and Abuse very seriously. Any employees who knowingly files misleading or false fraud, waste or abuse reports, or files a report without a reasonable belief as to the truth or accuracy, will not be protected by the City's Administrative Policy 111 (Fraud Policy) and may be subject to appropriate disciplinary actions. 

To report fraud, waste, and abuse anonymously online, just complete the "Fraud Description" field and hit submit.

We do not track any identifying information.  However, if you would like to provide identifying information for follow up, you may.

Report Form
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