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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Business Development

The Economic Development Division is responsible for implementing programs and services that (1) attain job creation and retention and (2) for increasing income within the city by attracting higher-wage job opportunities. Specific division programs include:

Civic Development Partner Agency funding

The City of Wilmington is now accepting applications from civic agencies who would like to request funding from the city for the 2014-15 fiscal year.  In January 2014, the Wilmington City Council adopted guidelines to clarify the process to apply for funds, as well as the process the city would use to determine which agencies receive funds. The guidelines only apply to agencies involved in economic development, cultural and recreational activities and city boards/commissions. It does not include non-profit agencies who receive federal and local funding through a competitive application process. Click here to access the guidelines for requesting funding.

Business development, recruitment and support
Wilmington, N.C. is an ideal community in which to live and work, offering unparalleled quality of life an exceptional business climate.

Small Business Loan Programs
The Small Business Loan program provides loans for small business development. Take a moment to view our program information.

Parking Management
The Parking Management Program oversees almost 3,000 spaces of metered, parking lot and deck parking in downtown Wilmington. Learn how easy it is to park in Wilmington’s historic downtown.

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