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Wednesday, October 7, 2015
The City of Wilmington is open today. City Council
will meet tonight at 6:30 pm

Pay Stations Parking

Paystations are located at mid-block crossings in:

  • 00 block of North Front Street between Market Street and Princess Street
  • 100 block of North Front Street between Princess Street and Chestnut Street

How to Park:
Look for our signs, park curbside, note your space number, and follow instructions at the pay station.
You will not need to place a receipt in your vehicle.
Parking is monitored electronically.

 Click here to watch a Pay Station in use
Click here to view Numbered Spaces map example
Click here to view a Block Sign to guide you to the pay stations


  • Retailer Options- Merchants and businesses can offer discounted or complimentary parking to their preferred customers.
  • Convenience- Pay stations allow customers to pay with coins, cash, bank card, Pay-by-Phone, tokens, or merchant coupon.
  • Communication- Customized screen can update visitors on current events, emergency messaging, and fee changes.
  • Flexibility- Pay stations can be programmed to not accept payment on holiday or special events.
  • Aesthetics- Pay stations reduce sidewalk clutter leaving more room for pedestrians.


Click here to see a Pay Station in use!!
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