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Saturday, February 6, 2016

How to Pay a Parking Ticket

Pay or appeal your citation online

To pay in person visit the Park Wilmington office located at 11 N. Second Street- accepts cash, credit cards and personal checks. 

Credit card payment can be made via phone. Call the Park Wilmington office at 910-762-5678.

Mail payments with check or money orders to:
  PO Box 1655
Wilmington, NC 28401

Park Wilmington Citation-Click to Enlarge
A $15  late fee will be incurred for all payments made later than 20 days past issue date.

 Parking Violations & Their Fines

 Restricted Parking (Public Hospitals)

$ 5.00 

 Overtime Parking


 Expired Meter

 Permit Only


 No Parking Area

 Oversized Vehicle

 Facing Opposing Traffic

 Commercial Loading Zone

 City Permit Only


 Taxi Stand Only

 Fire Lane


 Three-Axle Vehicle

 Fire Hydrant


 Handicapped Zone


Note: Water St Deck tickets are in a green envelope and are issued by Lanier Parking, click here to visit their website.
Tickets in a pink envelope are most likely a Park Select citation, please click here to visit their website for information.

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