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Friday, September 19, 2014

Surface Lots

Parking lots are located:

  • Corner of S. 2nd St. and Market St.
  • Near corner of S. 2nd St. and Orange St. (Next to Hannah Block Historic USO Building)


    • Paid parking enforced 24/7 unless otherwise noted.

2nd St. Lot :

    • Hourly- $1.25
    • Daily- $7
    • Monthly- $50

Notice: Entrance to this lot is restricted each night Thursday through Sunday after midnight until 7AM. Vehicles parked prior to midnight will be permitted to stay and vehicles displaying a current monthly parking permit will be allowed to enter as needed. Vehicles exiting after midnight will be allowed to exit without hinderance, entrances closest to the Village Market will remain open for egress of the lot. 


Hannah Block Lot:

  • Hourly- $1
  • Daily- $5
  • Monthly- $45

There are also a number of privately owned and operated lots in the downtown area that are open to the public.

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