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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

   Why is there a transportation bond?
  • City has many identified transportation needs
  • Transportation continues to be a high priority for City residents
  • Citizens like trails/multi-use paths and want to see more
  • Lack of adequate funding to build City transportation projects




Get more information on the proposed projects by clicking on the image to the left and watching the video overviews for each project. 

   What improvements would be made to my area?


Click on an area to see
proposed improvements

To see what improvements would be made in your area, click on a button to the left under "Project Areas." You'll see a detailed map with a video and an overview of proposed projects for that area.




The referendum for a $44 million bond will appear as a Yes/No vote on the Nov. 4 General Election ballot. While only $44 million will be on the referendum, the city would leverage existing funds to complete an entire package of projects worth $55 million.

In 2006, voters approved a much smaller bond. Read about the 2006 Transportation Bond.  

$55 million in projects = 2¢ property tax increase

The impact to the average homeowner of a $200,000 home is equal to about $3.34 per month or about $40 per year.

Get more information on taxpayer impact.





   Attend a meeting


All meetings will be held from 4:30-6:30 p.m.

  • Monday, Sept. 22
    Sunset Park Elementary
    613 Alabama Avenue
  • Tuesday, Sept. 23
    Winter Park Elementary
    204 N. Macmillan Avenue
  • Thursday, Sept. 25
    Parsley Elementary
    3518 Masonboro Loop Road
  • Monday, Sept. 29
    Halyburton Park
    4099 S. 17th Street
  • Tuesday, Sept. 30
    New Hanover County
    Government Complex
    230 Government Center Drive
  • Thursday, Oct. 2
    Council Chambers
    102 N. 3rd Street
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