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Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Need ideas on what should be in the city's newest park? Look at what some other cities have done. Click on the links to the left for more details and ideas, then take the survey and tell us what you want in the park!
Discovery Green

Discovery Green
Houston, TX

An 11.78-acre park completed in 2008. The city's grid is used inside of the park. Two main promenades are used. There is a meandering path along the lake and a series of walkways among a group of lawns and squares. A variety of outdoor "rooms" accommodate numerous activities. There is a large event space at the center. The park includes four water features and can host several events at the same time. There is abundant lighting, security, on-site retail and wi-fi. Learn more here.

Charleston Waterfront Park

Charleston Waterfront Park
Charleston, SC

A 7-acre park completed in 1990. A main city street extends into the water using a large pier. A variety of pedestrian-only walkways connect the city grid to the park and the water. Two primary walkways run north-south and one is heavily shaded. A large splash pad is located at the main entrance. Plenty of benches and shaded areas for walking and sitting.  Learn more here.

Henry Chambers Park

Henry Chambers Park
Beaufort, SC

8.4-acre park with two walking paths along the water. A series of alleys and pathways connect Main Street to the park along its entire length. Some of these are extensions of the historic street grid. Includes a variety of outdoor "rooms" such as play areas, event lawns, plazas and groves. Multiple types of seating with abundant shade areas. Learn more here.

Ellis Square

Ellis Park
Savannah, GA

A 1.2-acre park completed in 2010. Like other squares in Savannah, paths divide the park into nine smaller squares and align to the sidewalks of surrounding blocks. The square also accommodates movement to a nearby festival street which is closed to cars. The design is more contemporary and includes both stationary and movable seating, a splash pad, public restrooms, a visitor center and a variety of outdoor "rooms" separated by paths.

Center City Park

Center City Park
Greensboro, NC

A 1.9-acre park completed in 2006. Primary pathways run diagonally through the block, capturing pedestrians from all four corners. Despite the rigid block structure, many pathways produce “organic” shapes and spaces within the park. Also includes a series of outdoor "rooms," a wide range of activity and event areas, interactive water features, movable chairs and a large shade structure. Learn more here.

Pack Square Park

Pack Square Park
Asheville, NC

A 6-acre park completed in 2009. A series of parks spanning three city blocks. The paths are organized along a grand, central axis. Many align with sidewalks on adjacent blocks. Lateral pathways break up the long corridors. Also includes a splash pad, and event lawn, a sculptural stage element, public restrooms and a visitors pavilion and ecological features. Learn more here.

Louisville Waterfront Park

Louisville Waterfront Park
Louisville, KY

An 85-acre park built between 1999 and 2009 in three phases. In this massive park, paths are a mix of shapes and connect the city to the water beneath an elevated freeway. A spiraled ramp connects to a renovated rail bridge for bikes and pedestrians. This large park can accommodate several large scale events at once. It contains numerous large outdoor spaces divided by a series of curved parking lots. It includes an iconic pedestrian-bike bridge across the river, water features, tree groves, a visitor center and kids play areas. A wharf accommodates large riverboat docking. Learn more here.

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