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Friday, May 29, 2015

Sewer Improvements

Cape Fear Public Utility Authority
On July 1, 2008, the city and New Hanover County merged their water and sewer systems to create the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority (CFPUA). CFPUA is an independent, local government entity formed to more efficiently and effectively provide water and sewer service to city and county residents alike. More information on CFPUA may be found on their website: or by checking out the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority FAQ.

City Improvements to Sewer System
The city completed several major projects, improvements and repairs to the City’s sewer system in the two years prior to consolidation. Following is a summary of the major projects.

Northeast Interceptor (NEI) Improvements
Hewlett's Creek Repairs
City crews began work on approximately $6 million of improvements to the NEI in August 2007 following the completion of a thorough assessment of the NEI in February 2007. The work, consisting of three major projects, was completed in March 2008:

  • Relined more than a ½ mile of the NEI along Greenville Loop Road to provide greater reliability and durability. (Completed in March 2008)
  • $2.2 million in renovations to the Hewlett’s Creek and Bradley Creek pump stations, including new pumps and junction boxes. (Completed in February 2008)
  • Replaced more than a mile of the NEI which ran through Hewlett’s Creek. The new line is in a less environmentally sensitive area and is more accessible for maintenance and repair. (Completed in February 2008) 

Independence Boulevard / 17th Street Extension Project
Approximately 1,300 feet of pipe was replaced along Independence Boulevard at 17th Street to allow for higher pressure in the pipeline. This repair was not included in the moratorium, but was done as a precautionary measure. All work on this project was complete in spring 2008.

Future and Ongoing Projects
Following are projects which the city had begun. After July 1, the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority will take over the projects.

NEI Expansion
Work is focused on expanding the NEI to provide capacity for future growth and for system redundancy that will improve reliability. This will include:

  • Additional Force Main and Interconnections – Construction of an additional force main at various locations is being designed to provide additional capacity and redundancy. The force mains will be connected at strategic locations to allow for diversion of flow from one force main to the other in the event of a failure.

Improvements are in the design phase for nearly 13 miles of sewer lines in the downtown area. Crews are currently conducting video analysis of the inside of these pipes to help prioritize upcoming repairs. (View archives for this section.)

Northside Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion
Work was more than 65% complete on the $86 million expansion of the Northside Wastewater Treatment Plant at the time of the merger on July 1, 2008. The expansion will allow the plant to handle up to 16 million gallons of wastewater per day – twice its current capacity. The new capacity is expected to be online in early 2009. 

Additional Information

View a sewer system timeline from July 2005 through August 2007, including spills, actions taken, repairs made, and monies spent.

To report a suspected sewer spill, call the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority at (910) 332-6565.

For more information, contact the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority at (910) 799-6064.

For further information, visit our Sewer System Improvements archive.

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