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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Code Enforcement

Code enforcement has a responsibility to enforce City ordinances that:

  • provide a safe community and vibrant neighborhoods; and,
  • promote a healthy and safe environment for citizens and visitors

In addition, we are responsible for increasing public understanding of the City's policies and procedures, through community events and participation, and various media outlets.

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Recreation Vehicles

Handled By: Code Enforcement
Phone: 910.341.3266

Ordinance Sec. 18-533. Off-street parking and/or storage of certain vehicles


(d)   Recreational vehicles. Parking or storage of recreational vehicle(s) shall be permitted as accessory to a principal residential use only in accordance with the following conditions:


(1) Unless stored in a garage, carport, or accessory building, recreational vehicles shall be parked or stored behind the portion of the principal building closest to the street; provided, however, that parking shall be permitted anywhere on the premises or on an adjacent street (if otherwise lawful), not to exceed twenty-four (24) hours.


(2) In any side yard not adjacent to a street, no such recreational vehicles may be parked or stored if it exceeds six (6) feet in height above the ground; provided, however, masts, antennas, vent stacks, windshields or other minor accessories may exceed this height limit.


(3) Recreational vehicles exceeding the limitations set forth in subsection (2) above, shall be parked or stored outdoors only in the rear yard. Any equipment so stored shall be subject to the accessory building requirements in Article 6.


(4) No recreational vehicles parked or stored on a residential lot shall be in such location for living, sleeping, housekeeping or business purposes.


(5) The city manager may conditionally allow front yard or side yard storage of recreational vehicles if all of the following conditions are present:


a.       The recreational vehicle cannot be stored in the rear yard due to dimensional restrictions, such as those created by existing trees or structures blocking access. The applicant shall provide photographic and dimensional evidence to the city manager.


b.      The recreational vehicle is stored at a minimum of two hundred (200) feet from the frontage line.


c.       Sufficient vegetation or screening exists to screen the recreational vehicle from adjacent property. Sufficient vegetation or screening is defined as fifty (50) percent opacity to a minimum height of six (6) feet. If vegetative screening is utilized, fifty (50) percent opacity shall be achieved within two (2) years of permit. The city manager may approve applications based on topographic differences between the storage area and adjacent properties that effectively screen the storage area.


d.      The recreational vehicle shall not be located within thirty (30) feet of any adjacent primary structure.

Code Violations
Additional Information

Encroachments are handled by the Engineering Department. Refer to City Ordinance Sec. 11-2. Removal of obstructions and encroachments.    Phone: 910-341-5899

Illegal Dumping is handled by the Police Department. Refer to City Ordinance Sec. 10-17. Dumping or littering on public or private property. Phone: 910-343-3600

Noise is handled by the Police Department. Refer to City Ordinance Sec. 6-26. Phone: 910-343-3600

The Zoning Department handles banners, boats, building without a permit, commercial vehicles, home occupancy certificates, occupancy limitations, trailers, and right of way signs. Phone: 910-254-0900

We participate in the University/Community Relations Task Force at UNCW.

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