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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Code Enforcement

Code enforcement has a responsibility to enforce City ordinances that:

  • provide a safe community and vibrant neighborhoods; and,
  • promote a healthy and safe environment for citizens and visitors

In addition, we are responsible for increasing public understanding of the City's policies and procedures, through community events and participation, and various media outlets.

We Can Help You With

Right of Way Signs (ROW)

Handled By: Code Enforcement
Phone: 910.341.3266

Refer to City Ordinance Sec. 18-591. Prohibited signs

b) No sign shall be permitted on or protrude into a public right-of-way, street or passageway except as provided specifically herein

o) All signs that are located within any public right-of-way, e.g., on utility poles, street markers, traffic signs, etc., in violation of this chapter may be removed and disposed of by the Code Enforcement Officer (or other public employee as authorized by the City Manager) without notice.

 (Ord. No. 0-2008-25, 4-8-08; Ord. No. O-2008-74, § 1, 9-2-2008)



Code Violations
Additional Information

Our Mission

To enforce City ordinances that provides a safe community and vibrant neighborhoods, that promotes a healthy and safe environment for citizens and increasing education of policies/procedures through various media outlets and community participation and events.


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