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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Business Roundtable & Sponsors

Business Roundtable Chairs
Bill Saffo, Mayor, City of Wilmington
Bill Caster, Chair, New Hanover County Board of Commissioners
Fred Willetts, Cooperative Bank

Plan Sponsors
Cooperative Bank
Bud and Peggy Dealy
Downtown Business Alliance
GE Nuclear
Residents of Old Wilmington
Wilmington Downtown, Inc.
New Hanover County
City of Wilmington
Bank of America


Business Roundtable Summary
10-Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness in the Cape Fear Region
May 10, 2007

The following ideas and thoughts presented at the Business Roundtable Meeting will require further examination and discussion at subsequent meetings with business leaders and the 10-Year Plan Management Advisory Team.

We welcome any ideas and thoughts that might have been omitted from this document that were presented at the Business Roundtable Meeting.  


  • Mental health issues are an obstacle to employment.


  • Need to subsidize housing during period of transition.
  • Impediments to affordable housing include high land cost and development regulations.
  • Role of Housing Authority to provide transitional housing.
  • Public education needed to support need for higher density zoning regulations.
  • Job stability is contingent upon access to affordable housing which also needs subsidies to ensure affordability.
  • Build in accountability of the various programs; need to have strings attached to ensure participants participate in supportive services.  Care managers need to follow up with clients.
  • Housing also needs supportive services.
  • Housing Resource Center with job training, onsite housing, literacy training.



  • Criminal record is a barrier to employment.
  • Need diagnostic center in the community in order to determine employability (Miami).
  • Partnership with Community College needed.
  • Need jobs with living wages.
  • Need strategies that will help them keep job i.e. transportation, childcare, sick days, how to retain in job once they obtain it.
  • Life skills needed to survive in a corporate culture.  Need to be prepared – interview, assessments, expectations of the job.
  • Need financial literacy and coordination with financial institutions.
  • Need education on how to deal with the homeless, e.g., law enforcement.
  • Corporations should provide funding and support during period of transition to permanent housing, e.g., three-year program in San Francisco.
  • Businesses willing to hire when individual’s orientation and training is complete.



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