Office of the Chief


Chief Ralph Evangelous took the helm of the Wilmington Police Department in August of 2004. Since his arrival, the department has embarked on numerous new initiatives. The most ambitious has been the implementation of Geographic-Based Policing throughout the city. Each of the six police districts are commanded by a Lieutenant who is responsible for implementing innovative problem-solving solutions to community issues. Some other important initiatives have been the License Plate Recognition System, Text-A-Tip Program, SABLE (Southeastern North Carolina Airborne Law Enforcement) and opening of the Southeast Patrol Division.

The Chief oversees the progress of more than 300 employees and a $23.5 million dollar budget. The Chief of Police exercises direct supervision over the Deputy Chief of the Patrol Bureau, Investigative Bureau and a Captain who supervises the Administrative Services Bureau. Other functions under the direct supervision of the Chief of Police are Professional Standards and the Public Affairs Office (including the Crime Prevention Unit, the volunteer Chaplain's Unit and volunteers). By utilizing creative and out-of-the-box concepts we will strive to drive criminal activity down.

Main Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm