Heal Our Waterways




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Rain water flows over yards, streets and parking lots and dumps millions of gallons of polluted runoff into our waterways. Learn More...


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Something as small as washing your car on the grass instead of the driveway can make a big difference in the health of our waters.
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See what others have done to benefit themselves and our waterways – read success stories of other communities. Learn More..





They're our waterways. Let's Take them Back!

Bradley and Hewletts Creeks used to be pristine places for recreation and shellfishing. Wish they still were?

COUNTER BOX of our neighbors have taken action to Heal Our Waterways.

Have you installed a BMP on your property? Count your action toward our goal. Register on our Creek Counter.

What do a pet, a green lawn & a clean car have in common? They all can impact our waterways if not handled properly. But it’s easy to do things the right way. Here’s HOW.