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A collaborative effort between UNCW student-led groups, the Sustainability Council, and faculty support has produced the campuses newest stormwater BMP along a parking lot behind an on-campus residence area.

The project started as a collaboration between the UNCW Surfrider Club and Environmental Concerns Organization, another student group, who teamed up to obtain a Green Initiative Fund mini-grant through the university. The project was supported by UNCW Sustainability and Landscaping, with significant guidance from faculty members Roger Shew, Chris Randall and Karen Tobiassen, as well as Sustainability Captain Kat Pohlman.

The swale-like rain garden area will help to reduce the volume of polluted stormwater runoff that reaches Bradley Creek by funneling the water through a planted area with mulch to slow the runoff and enhance infiltration. UNCW is conducting research on the impact of the rain garden, especially after heavy rains. The project aligns with the University’s Sustainability Plan and is a step towards overall stormwater reduction goals in Bradley Creek watershed, and on the UNCW campus.