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Sunday, February 7, 2016

FY 09-10 Adopted Budget Document
         Reader’s Guide
         Budgetary Fund Structure
         Budget Process
         City Organization Chart
         Financial Management Policies
         Adopted Budget Transmittal Letter
         Recommended Budget Message
         Revenue and Expenditure Summary
         Total Budget Summary
         General Fund Summary
         Compiled Budget
         Appropriations by Fund
         Capital Debt Service Projects
         Financial Forecasts
         Authorized Position Listing
         Revenue Summary
         Revenue Estimates
         Property Tax Analysis
         Consolidated Fund Balance Summary
         Revenue Summary/Detail by Funds
         Governance Offices
         Human Resources
         Information Technology
         Sundry Appropriations Nondepartmental
         Sundry Appropriations Transfers
         Agency Appropriations
         Contingency/Economic Incentives
         Debt Management
         Community Services
         Development Services
         Public Services
         CDBG/HOME Grant and Loan Fund
         Community Development Block Grant
Home Investment Partnership Fund
         Storm Water Management Fund
         Solid Waste Management Fund
         Golf Course Fund
         Parking Fund
         Public Utilities Fund
         Facility Fee Fund
         Groundwater Utility Fund
         Fleet Management Fund
         Personal Computer Replacement Fund
         Debt Service Fund
         Convention Center Operating Fund
         Detail Position Listing
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