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Saturday, February 13, 2016
What color is your street?

Here is the color-coding system used to rate sections of streets within city limits.



Do you live on a city-owned street? See how your section rates!

Download a map showing the pavement condition of all streets included in the study. This is a large file and may take a few moments to download.

Not sure if you live on a city-owned street? It could be state-owned or private. See a list of city-owned streets.

 See how the city has taken photos of city streets to better prioritize which streets to work on first

 Types of street maintenance

 Watch the entire presentation on the plan at the Aug. 7, 2012 City Council Meeting.


Street improvements also help our economy
More than half of all the funds from the 5-year improvement plan will be spent on improving Wilmington's streets. These projects will not only improve our roadways, but will also help strengthen our economy by employing people. Of all the streets projects planned, the city estimates that 75% will employ outside contractors. The city's streets division will be hiring people to fill positions that had been vacant in order to provide ongoing maintenance and assist with completing the remaining 25%.

In 2012, the city completed a study on the condition of all public roads within city limits and a priority list was developed based on various factors, such as traffic count and pavement condition.

Click here to learn more about what other improvements the city is planning over the next 5 years!

Call the city's Streets Division at 910.341.7879.

Not every street will receive improvements, but in many cases a particular section could receive improvements. Dividing the road into sections allows the city to concentrate on areas most in need of repair. Check to see if the section of road you live on is on the priority list. 

Completed projects
Click here to view a list of projects that are completed.

Currently underway
A $1.6 million contract was awarded in November to pave and resurface 2.9 lane miles of 41st Street between Shipyard Boulevard and Oleander Drive. The project is expected to begin in early 2016.

Looking ahead
Work is planned for streets including: 

  • Floral Parkway
  • 39th Street
  • Audubon Blvd
  • Pine Valley

The city works with other utility agencies and the NCDOT to coordinate projects to reduce costs and to minimize the impact on area residents. 
What's a lane mile?
A lane mile is the mileage of a road multiplied by the number of lanes it has.

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