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Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Human Resources

305 Chestnut Street
Wilmington, NC 28401
910.341.7840  910.341.5841

Apply and view current City of Wilmington job openings


Complete a job interest card for future job postings


Applicants will be required to successfully complete the following screenings: 
         - Aptitude Test 
         - Criminal Background Investigation
         - Driving History Check
         - 19 years of age by posting date
         - Personal and Professional reference check
         - Strength and Agility Test and Oral Interview 
         - Pre-Employment Physical and Drug Screen 

The online application process requires applicants to submit electronically the following:
         - Copy of Birth Certificate
         - Copy of Official High School Diploma, High School Transcript or
           GED Certificate
         - Copy of current Driver's License
Note: Correspondence will be sent to candidates using only the e-mail address included on the application. Please monitor your e-mail closely after the posted closing date.

Applications are only accepted during active recruitment periods.  Please sign up for a Job Interest Card with the category of "Public Safety" to be notified of open positions.

Approximately $31,842.72 - $44,614.80
Starting salary: $31,842.72. Comprehensive benefits package including an additional 4.5% contribution to 401k or 457 plans and in lieu of social security the city will contribute an additional 3% to the 457 plan.  If you elect to contribute an additional 3% to the 457 plan, the city will match your 3% contribution.
Why work for WFD?

 Why do you love working at WFD?

  • 24 Hour Shifts
  • 11 Fire Stations
  • 220 Personnel
  • Water Rescue
  • Tactical Rescue
  • Haz-Mat  

Strength and Agility

Candidates of the hiring process can find out more information pertaining to the Strength and Agility test by watching the video above.  More information can also be obtained by reviewing the Strength and Agility Test Booklet.


Wilmington Fire Department
Hiring Information

801 Market Street
Wilmington, North Carolina 28411
Human Resource Technician
Michele Singer


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