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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Employee Benefits

In addition to wages, the City of Wilmington offers an excellent benefit package.  Benefits are available to regular employees who work at least 30 hours per week.  Benefits are not provided for temporary positions.  This section contains a brief description of the many valuable benefits provided by the City of Wilmington.  For more detailed information, please call the Human Resources Department at 910-341-7840 or email our Benefits Administrator.  


Since July 1, 2011 the City of Wilmington has offered two health plans, both of which are offered by Blue Cross & Blue Shield of North Carolina: 

  • The Blue Options PPO plan provides a deductible, annual maximum and co pays for office visits, prescriptions drugs, and urgent care and emergency room services when using network providers.  The plan has both in-network and out-of network coverage with differing deductibles. 
  • The Blue Options High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with a health savings account (HSA) has higher deductibles.  With this plan, the employee pays for all services, including prescription medications, up to the deductible.  After reaching the deductible, the plan pay 100% for care received from in-network providers.  The HSA can be used to pay for certain costs not covered by insurance.  For employees who choose the HDHP, the city makes a monthly contribution to your HSA account. 

Employees may choose from Employee only; Employee/child(ren); Employee/spouse; or Family coverage.  The employee contributes toward the monthly premium.  To view the benefit highlights, click here.  To connect to the Blue Cross & Blue Shield website, click here.    


The City of Wilmington currently offers dental coverage through Delta Dental of NC.  Employees may choose from Employee only; Employee Child(ren); Employee Spouse; or Family coverage.  Click here for the Delta Dental website.  Click here to read about the Dental highlights for the City of Wilmington.


The City of Wilmington currently offers vision coverage through Ameritas.  Employees may chose from Employee only; Employee plus one; or Employee family. Click here for the Ameritas website.  Click here to read about the vision highlights for the City of Wilmington.

Flexible Spending Account

There are two optional programs offered through Flores & Associates that allow the employee to save pre-tax dollars for unreimbursed medical expenses and dependent care expenses.  Click here to access flexible spending account forms or call 1-800-532-3327 to speak with a Flores & Associates representative.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is mandatory for all employees. 


Employees begin participating in the North Carolina Local Governmental Retirement System immediately.  Participation is mandatory.  The employee contributes 6% of gross wages to the retirement program.  The City also makes contributions based on guidelines provided by the Retirement System.  Click here to link to the Retirement System's website or call 1-877-627-3287.

For the Local Governmental Employees' Handbook, click here.  

For the Law Enforcement Officers' Handbook, click here.  

Retirement System Applications and Forms

Deferred Compensation

The City of Wilmington offers two deferred compensation programs, Prudential 401(K) and ICMA 457 with many investment options.  Under these programs, the contribution is payroll-deducted, and earnings are tax sheltered. With both programs, employees may borrow against their balance.  For all employees, the City contributes 4.5% of salary to either the 401(k) or 457 plans regardless of employee contribution.  Employees may choose to contribute additional money to the deferred compensation plans within IRS guidelines, without a matching contribution from the City.

Sworn Police Officers - The City contributes an additional 5% of your salary to the LEO 401(k) plan for all Sworn Law Enforcement Officers.

Sworn Fire Employees - The City contributes an additional 3% of your salary to the 457 plan. In addition, the City offers to match an employee’s contribution dollar for dollar up to 3% of the annual salary for Fire employees.

For more information about the Prudential 401(k), click here or call toll free at 1-866-NCPlans (1-866-627-5267).

For more information about the ICMA 457, click here or call toll free at 1-800-669-7400

Term Life Insurance

Sun Life Financial is the city’s term-life insurance provider.  In the event an employee passes away while employed for the city, the designated beneficiary will receive payment equal to one times your base salary.  The city pays 100% of the cost for this benefit.  Employee's can purchase additional term life insurance for themselves, spouse and dependent children.

Supplemental Benefit Options

The City offers a variety of optional insurance programs through payroll deduction.  Lincoln Financial provides short-term disability and long-term disability.  To contact Lincoln Financial click here or call 1-800-423-2765.  Whole Life Insurance is provided by UNUM.  To contact UNUM click here or call 1-800-635-5597.  Cancer and Critical Illness Insurance is provided by Transamerica.  To contact Transamerica click here or call 1-800-251-7254.  Accident Insurance is provided by Allstate.  To contact Allstate click here or call 1-800-521-3535. 

City Health Clinic

The City of Wilmington provides a clinic which regular employees and their families may use free of charge ($10 co-pay for those covered by the HDHP).  The clinic is designed to assist employees in identifying and treating chronic diseases, coordinate care, and treat episodic conditions.  Employees and covered family members must be covered by BCBS and participate in an initial health assessment in order to utilize the clinic.  The clinic hours of operation vary.  However, employees may call 910.202.3965 to schedule an appointment. The clinic is located at 800 Shipyard Blvd., Suite 1.

Employee Assistance Program

The City of Wilmington provides an employee assistance program and work-life services from ComPsych The Guidance Resource Company.  This employer-sponsored benefit is available at no cost to our employees and their immediate family.  To access services, call 1-800-327-1850 and identify yourself as a City of Wilmington employee.  Effective July 1, 2012, the following benefits are available, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year:

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - Complete referral assistance to in-person emotional counseling support, helping you and your family members address an array of personal difficulties, including stress, anxiety, depression, family/marital relationships, substance abuse, difficulties at work, etc.
  • FamilySource - Can help you sort out issues like being a new parent, locating a quality caregiver for an elder, sending your child to college, choosing a contractor, finding pet care, and more.  FamilySource will provide expert information and identify specific resources and referrals to help you make your decision.
  • LegalConnect - Provides telephone access to licensed attorneys for information about any legal concern you may be facing, whether it is regarding a home purchase, estate issues, or any legal issue.  If your legal matter requires in-person assistance, you are eligible to receive a free half-hour consultation with the ComPsych selected, in-network attorney, in your area.  After the consultation, you are eligible to receive a 25% discount on his or her customary legal fees thereafter.
  • FinancialConnect - Allows you to consult directly with a financial professional by telephone.  Call anytime for tools and information regarding your specific financial questions on: budgeting, tax issues, credit cards and loans, investment resources and other money matters.
  • EstateGuidance - Now with EstateGuidance, you have the opportunity to create a will at no cost.  This benefit offers you the ease and simplicity of online will preparation-right on your PC!  By creating an online will you can do the following: Name a guardian for your children, name an executor(s) to settle your estate, specify funeral and burial wishes, and make revisions at no cost for up to 30 days.

ComPsych is a leading provider of EAP services in the country, and the EAP is strictly confidential, as mandated by law.  Please take advantage of this benefit to help you and your family manage any personal challenges in your life.  To access these resources online, click here.


The City recognizes the following days as paid holidays (2015):

  • New Years Day (January 1)
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (January 19)
  • Good Friday (April 3)
  • Memorial Day (May 25)
  • Independence Day (July 3)
  • Labor Day (September 7)
  • Veterans’ Day (November 11)
  • Thanksgiving (November 26, 27)
  • Christmas (December 24, 25)

Leave Information

The City of Wilmington has established policies which relate to the following leave types.  Please refer to the City’s intranet webpage for specific information.

  • Paid Vacation leave 
  • Paid sick leave
  • Family and medical leave (FMLA)
  • Paid bereavement leave
  • Military leave
  • Civic Leave
  • Educational Leave
  • Paid administrative leave
  • Membership in Sick Leave Bank Program

Training and Promotions

The City of Wilmington is committed to providing training opportunities to its employees to enhance their abilities on the job. Various professional and personal development opportunities are available. It is also the City’s desire to create career opportunities for its employees. Promotional vacancies are publicized in the various departments, and applicants are assessed on the basis of their qualifications and work record - without regard to age, sex, race, color, religion, national origin or disability.

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