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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Work Safety

The City of Wilmington considers its employees its most valuable asset. To this end, the City Safety Manager is responsible for ensuring a safe and healthful workplace.

The Safety Manager does this by implementing the best safety programs and controls, including:

  • Workplace inspections
  • Safety incentive programs
  • City Safety Committee
  • Implements the City Safety Program and maintains safety policy
  • Ensures complete compliance with workplace safety and health standards
  • Fair worker's compensation system for workplace injuries

In addition, the Safety Manager actively pursues additional methods to increase the safety and healthfulness of the city working environment, including:

  • Voluntary compliance programs with OSHA
  • Pursues the latest safety technology strategies
  • Includes active employee support and involvement - a good safety program is willing to listen to its employees
  • Includes active City Management support and involvement

The City of Wilmington Safety Program's goal of injury reduction has been recognized numerous times by the North Carolina Department of Labor Safety Awards Program.



Property Safety

The City of Wilmington provides public property for the use and enjoyment of its citizens. The City strives to ensure that streets, sidewalks, parks, pools, and a variety of other property and services are safe for public use. Click here a list of the property and services we maintain.

If you have a concern about the safety of City-maintained public property, you may call the relevant department, or the Safety Manager at 910.341.5864.

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